Agnes Obel – Just so



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  1. chillendeSchiller

    Ein wunderschöner Text – wie ich finde:

    Black turns beat me bright, turning on the light
    Today is gonna be the day, you hear some body say
    We need you right away

    Tiptoe over the floor
    What are you waiting for?
    So so and no more
    Thats all to be, so before.

    Today is gonna be the day, you hear somebody say,
    We need you right away
    You hear the moments kick and play.
    The order of the day is already in your way

    The widow shade, the nurse and maid,
    To let it all just work away,
    From head to toe, where shadow grows,
    Since forever and a day

    Quiet moments home
    Where some do you roam?
    Today is gonna be the day
    You hear some body say
    We need you right away.
    No time for tea or lemonade.
    Some moments of the day
    Were only half awake.

    Drink a toast to the sun
    To the things that never go,
    To the break of the day
    That is all that I say

    ჱڿڰۣ— ❤ ჱڿڰۣ— ❤

    • Ja, liebe Marina. Ein wunderschöner Text, der kongenial musikalisch umgesetzt ist. Agnes Obel ist eine Künstlerin, wie wir sie uns im Minstry of Love sehr gerne begrüßen …
      Lieben Gruß von der Social Secretary

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