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IMG-20111222-00031In the early 1990 s I organized (and joined) one of the first Danceability-Workshops in Germany. We invited Alito Alessi and Emery Blackwell – the founders from Eugene, Oregon –  to Dortmund and had deep experiences during the three days we spent together with 30 people of all ages, professions, IQs and competences in dance. I am really proud and thankful to be part of the movement – today only in my heart and brain – but I am still  searching for dialogue – in different ways. Till today Alito Alessi certified danceability teachers in 40 countries all over the world.

When I watched this video – I felt again why I love this kind of chance to dance.

Danceability 25 Year Anniversary

Until today I think contactimprovisation is one of the most respectful and effective ways to communicate – listening to your bodies, finding the rolling point of…

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